“Todd worked with our team in a series of seminars given across California dealing with a number of public agencies over the past year. His “boots on the ground” talk on employee engagement brought a tremendous response from his audience each time. His success with the public agencies resulted in us bringing him to our employee orientation earlier this year to speak to over 200 new and returning employees. He was a huge success and the feedback was unlike anything we have ever experienced. He had a lasting effect on our morale and our communication efforts.”

Gary Houston - Director of Sales, Marketing and Technology
VSS International, West Sacramento, CA

“At all times, Mr Reimer has presented relevant, research based information to assist our company in moving forward. Mr Reimer is an effective communicator who has provided us with the support and strategies we needed to grow our leaders and our business.”  

Kim Hunter
W. hunter Electric, Saskatoon, SK

“I was inspired by Todd when I heard him speak at another venue. I approached him to come to Reed Security and engage our staff about growing intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.... The feedback from the staff was awesome and now Todd will be stopping by the Reed Security offices regularly and coaching us."

Virgil Reed
Reed Security, Saskatoon, SK

“The staff viewed the exercises as positive and very practical!”

Heidi Dutton
General Manager
Toepfer International, Saskatoon, SK

"Todd reimer was excellent and very inspiring! I'd love for him to speak at a conference!"

Carl Valdez
Public Works
City of Ventura, CA

“Todd was great! Motivated me as an employee”

Marcos Torres
City Employee
City of Shafter, CA

“Excellent training!”

Isaiah Gomez
County Manager
Santa Barbara, CA

“I very much enjoyed Todd's presentation on employee engagement. I will use this information to improve our agency's employee goals and involvement”

Jason Vivian
Tubra County, CA

“Very valuable to both employers and employees. You helped us to continue to build a strong sense of teamwork in our work environment.”

Don Pogoda Production Manager
Parr Autobody, Saskatoon, SK

“...he can relate personally to both the employer and employee, creating engagement and synergy between both ends of the spectrum. With utmost confidence I would recommend for any form of motivational speaking.”

Katie Blomberg
Marketing Liaison
VSS International, West Sacramento, CA

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