Business Coaching: 

Helping people engage in their workplace, creating before-unattainable value and efficiency, resulting in standard-setting quality and customer satisfaction.  These results have their beginnings and potential rooted firmly in the people who lead an organization!  Why do you do what you do?  How are you developing yourself and your leadership abilities?  Who are you leading and how do you need to lead them in order to draw out their best?  

I won't tell you how to run your company.... I WILL help to draw out the best in your leadership and in the people who are a part of your company!  People are the foundation of any successful business, organization or agency, and I focus on people!

    Keynote Speaking:

20+ years of public speaking and motivating talks allow me to draw on a myriad of experiences to grab and hold your people's attention, bringing everyone value to take with them, that can be applied right away!  From groups of 15-1000+ I always bring my “A” game!


Helping businesses, organizations or any group initiate and navigate the changes they need to make in an increasingly challenging economic and social environment!   Helping people uncover the real “why” you are doing what you do as a business.  


You might have noticed, that I talk a lot about helping people and businesses.  That's because I believe that everyone I serve deserves my absolute best, whether you buy one of my books, or hire me to work with your organization or business!  By giving you my best every time, I model what I believe....everyone has value and if given the right tools can change their workplace, life and world!  It is my pleasure to serve my customers and clients, by delivering as much value as possible.  I look forward to serving you!

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