About Todd

As you might have guessed, my name is Todd Reimer.  I help businesses engage their people at a deeper level, while helping leadership grow in their ability to lead a changing workforce in an environment that demands more and more from us!

What I bring to the companies that I work with has its foundation in years of expereince in several trades, 20+ years of public speaking, along with a constant drive to make every training session and talk as practical as possible!  If everyone doesn't take away something they can apply to increasing employee engagement and their leadership abilities, I haven't reached my goal of bringing the most value possible to your organization!  I will always give you my very best! 

Here's what it took for me to get to where I can help people today:

  • Manager in the restaurant industry
  • College degree
  • Youth minister to teens and their families
  • University 
  • Learned autobody and mechanics
  • Started and ran 2 construction companies
  • Started and ran a vehicle brokerage
  • Authored 2 books and began a business coaching organization


As you can see, I have had experience in a wide range of industries, and have experienced both success and failure at some point in all of them.  Without experience my training would just be a lot of words that might or might not make an impact.  Because of my expereince and my commitment to giving my best to every organization I work with, sessions are intensely practical.


My book, The Art of Failing, is not full of fluffy “feel-good” sayings and thoughts, I have made it practical and easy to apply to your life today, right now!  I kept it to under 140 pages because when I had been knocked down by failure a few times, I often didn't have the energy or desire to read a long book before finding something that would make a difference for me.  Each chapter is short, with something practical to take from it, something that you can apply right now to the situation you find yourself in.

Click here to read the introduction and the first chapter of my book, so you will be able to decide whether you need my help in finding the success in your failures, and in learning to practice the Art of Failing.

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